Delivery & Shipping Information

Delivery & Shipping Information

Once the payment is received and processed your product will leave the Warehouse within the next couple business days ranging from     5 - 7 business days


Shipping Address

Customers paying online must have their Valid Shipping Address "confirmed" to the address where they want the unit to be shipped (the address must be the same as the one entered in the Shipping Information while ordering the product)     

We don't ship items to "unconfirmed" Payment addresses because of the fact that Payment Gateway does not consider transactions in the Buyers Protection Policy which have an "unconfirmed" address

Same is the case with customer paying through Credit Card, the "Billing" and "Shipping" addresses must be identical

Also we don't ship items to P.O Boxes


Duration of Shipping

Within Mumbai: The purchased item will be shipped to you within 3-5 business days after the payment is processed.

Rest of India: Estimated time is 7-14 business days after the payment is received and processed. Arrival time maybe delayed due to rare hold ups by customs